Australian Crane Council CICA Launches New Training Video

The Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA) have launched a new training video addressing stability changes when operate an articulated pick and carry crane and how to operate the crane within its rated capacity on a side slope to reduce likelihood of rolling over and accidents, which have occurred in the past.

The new training video is a supplement to the existing position paper that CICA produced explaining the difference between articulated crane operation and slewing cranes with an aim of upskilling and training for the crane industry and improving safety measures.

Articulated cranes are very commonly used in construction mining and for general crane duties. They have a variety of benefits for their users, but along with it comes careful consideration of safety measures, as with all other cranes.

This video is useful for current operators of pick and carry cranes and for those in training and covers the benefits of pick and carry cranes, how they function, stability factors, rated capacity, and identifying hazards.

Here is the link to the training video on pick and carry cranes –