11000 Manitowoc Crawler Crane

Capacity: 100 t
Main Boom Length: 61 m
Fixed Jib on Main Boom: 18.3 m
Luffing Jib on Main Boom: N/A


  • This small crawler crane by Manitowoc provides simple operation, easy setup and reliability and is backed by Manitowoc Crane Care product support.
  • Energy saving systems – Green-Engine mode conserves fuel during full speed drum operation under load, at a lower engine RPM. Other available options include Green-Winch Mode and Auto Idling Stop Mode.
  • Self-erecting counterweight – Eliminates the need for an assist crane, and also allows for reduced counterweight chart operation.
  • Retractable crawlers – Crawlers can be extended and retracted for better jobsite maneuverability. On some models, these crawlers can also ship attached for easier transport and quicker setup.